Be brief

Sometimes it seems so difficult though, when the client is pressed for time, has never used an interpreter, and just wants to get down to business.


When we meet new clients, it is important to inform them of what we do and how the interpreting process works. This is especially important for liaison interpreting. If the interpreter adequately briefs his/her clients, the actual interpreting goes so much better, mainly because they know what to expect.

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Babel precarity?




This is a blog post I have been reluctant to write. I have reflected about the topic for a long time and I have not been sure it’s necessarily a good idea to be strongly for or against, actually I would prefer to silence it. But the more I see it and the more I hear about it I have decided that I must take a stance. Thank you Lionel, for helping me make up my mind.


I like technology, love technology really. I’m an early adopter of most things. My friends laugh at me, calling me a tech freak. I was an early adopter on social media, at least for ladies my age. I have new gadgets all the time. If something just has a remote practical application, I’ll be the first in line to get it. I also really like things that can make…

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