Why Do I Love Interpreting? Let Me Count the Ways…



A stimulating didactic experience

Firstly, because I am the epitome of the eternal student, I am enamored of the fact that it is such a stimulating experience that I construe as didactic. I’m constantly working on something new so I’m always learning as I study different industries and processes to formulate glossaries, or when travel is required, which is an education in and of itself. Luckily, from my research I have learned that this intellectual activity leads us to forge new synapses in our brain that among other favorable effects, fend off many symptoms of aging. I enjoy the feeling I get of being settled and prepared when I report to work, with the conviction that I have done my best to learn the subject matter. To further this feeling of calm, I always strive to arrive early with ample time to anticipate surprises. I am very punctual so this…

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UK Justice Select Committee Report published

From Words to Deeds: translation & the law

800px-UK_-_14_-_architechture_of_parliament_buildings_(2996839565)The UK’s Justice Select Committee has published its report on the outsourcing of court language services to Capita/Applied Language Solutions by the Ministry of Justice (see this previous post for more details). The report comes after an inquiry in September 2012, and the collection of evidence via an online forum (see this post).

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