Where to go when lost for words?

African language translators out there – we need terminology!


Everyone involved in translation knows that terminology plays a key role in the profession: it seems fairly obvious really – finding the right word for the right situation is at the very heart of the translation process – but just how important is terminology mining?

Although figures can vary depending upon where you look – according to Arntz & Picht (1989), searching for terminology can take up to 75% of a translator’s time while Montalt & Gonzalez Davis (2007) go for around 50% – the generally accepted idea that over half of the translator’s time is spent digging for terms indicates that it is an area of huge importance, and one that merits an investment of time and effort to get right.

Coupled with the fact that conceptual and terminological accuracy is one of the key elements in many areas of professional translation (e.g. medical or legal translation) since the…

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